Dauvia Nijenhuis

Collection: Ubuntu

My roots are embedded in Angola, the genesis of my understanding of fashion and womanhood. Key women in my life — my mother, my grandmother, my aunt, and other women of color — were resilient, proud, and dynamic, shaping my early perceptions. They stand as my guiding inspiration.

Observing a woman in her element, familiarizing herself with the nuances of fabric — its feel, aroma, color, and texture — stirs my creativity. It is within such moments that the vision for a design emerges. The next phase involves meticulous planning and crafting to bring this vision to life.

My aspiration is to infuse sophistication in apparel, enabling women to confidently embrace their individual identities within their unique circumstances. I strive to create designs that are dependable in structure, vibrant in execution, enhancing the woman’s innate beauty in the given moment.